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    Support for validtime versioning (not auditing)

    Mark van der Voort Newbie

      I am researching the applicability of envers for an application I am maintaining. Within this application I do not need auditing but rather versioning based on validtime (not validAuditingTime).


      Basically it boils down to customers having contracts and possibly representatives. Some properties vary over time for which history is needed, the contracts certainly do and representatives may come and go.

      It is op to our users to provide the validity (startDate, optionally endDate) of changes they make. They can enter events that have taken place earlier (i.e. representative has changed), or they can enter expected events (i.e. widening of a contract).


      From what I've read about envers it will not support such a scenario out of the box. The solution chosen, annotations and listeners, seems to be amendable to my problem, but I am wondering whether I should adopt and adapt, or rather roll my own solution.


      any suggestions,