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    Richfaces extended datatable with bindnig datamodel out of sync

    Kiran Vira Newbie

      Hi All,

                    I am stuck with a problem as follows:


      I am using an extended data table with value as datamodel binding from the backing bean. Everything seem to display okay. But when the datatable opened by two different users,Say User 1 deleted the record x (delete has a a4j:commandlink and a corresponding event handling method). This event handling method gets invoked and the record x is deleted and the datatable is rerendered using a4j:commandlink. But user 2 is still on the same page who is unaware of the deletion of record x by user 1, clicks on the delete link of record x. As there is a binding datamodel and overridden walk method of the serialized datamodel. The event invokes the walk method but never invokes the event handling method in the backing bean. Request somebody to throw some light on what is happening. I have implemented a phase listener to log the faces lifecycle how is it happening for user 1 and user 2. I observed for user 1 after the Apply Request values phase my event handling method is getting invoked but for user 2...it is not invoked the event handling but executing all the phases of life cycle. I can paste the code if anybody needs more details. Thanks.