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    JobExecutor cleans up all jbpm tables??

    Harry P. Newbie



      I am using jboss-4.2.2




      to use timer i have started the jobschedular at the time of deploying.

      Timer worked fine but when ever i restarted/redeployed jbpm all the entries in the


      jbpm_processdefinition and all the other jbpm tables gets cleaned(which i don't want).


      If i doesn't initiate the job executor it works fine but timer dosen't work.


      Does Any one have idea why this is happening.



      schedular related entries in jbpm.config file ::>



      <bean name='jbpm.job.executor' class='org.jbpm.job.executor.JobExecutor'>
          <field name='jbpmConfiguration'><ref bean='jbpmConfiguration' /></field>
          <field name='name'><string value='JbpmJobExecutor' /></field>
          <field name='nbrOfThreads'><int value='1' /></field>
          <field name='idleInterval'><int value='5000' /></field>
          <field name='maxIdleInterval'><int value='3600000' /></field> <!-- 1 hour -->
          <field name='historyMaxSize'><int value='20' /></field>
          <field name='maxLockTime'><int value='600000' /></field> <!-- 10 minutes -->
          <field name='lockMonitorInterval'><int value='60000' /></field> <!-- 1 minute -->
          <field name='lockBufferTime'><int value='5000' /></field> <!-- 5 seconds -->







      schedular related entries in hibernate.config::>




      <!-- job mapping files -->
          <mapping resource="org/jbpm/job/Job.hbm.xml"/>
          <mapping resource="org/jbpm/job/Timer.hbm.xml"/>
          <mapping resource="org/jbpm/job/ExecuteNodeJob.hbm.xml"/>
          <mapping resource="org/jbpm/job/ExecuteActionJob.hbm.xml"/>
          <mapping resource="org/jbpm/job/CleanUpProcessJob.hbm.xml"/>





      schedular related entries in web.xml::>


      <!--JbpmJobExecutorServlet BEGIN-->
         <!--JbpmJobExecutorServlet END -->



      Thanks in Advance.