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    Native library already loaded in another classloader ?! (Axis2)

    Igor JStarter Novice



      I'm doing a web service which sends a file over SFTP.

      I downloaded the chilkat jar files and send the file over FTP with no problem (as an application).


      All scenarious when deploying with Axis2, but I think, only the 1. could be made to work:


      1. My app.java includes system.loadLibrary(chilkat) and when making the axis archiver .aar file, I add the chilkat.jar

            Native Library D:\KKISSWORK\jboss-5.1.0.GA-jdk6\bin\chilkat.dll already loaded in another classloader


      2. My app.java doesn't include system.loadLibraty


      If I include the jar when making .aar file:   ERROR: com.chilkatsoft.chilkatJNI.new_CkSFtp()J

      If i don't include the jar when making .aar file: ERROR: new_CksFtp




      Any idea how to solve that?


      I know that the problem is that the classloader can't load a library twice, but how to solve that.

      Somewhere i read that I should load the library (in my app) from the classloader....



      Thanks in advance!


      BR. Igor!