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    Jira review priorities and plans for remaining 4.0

    Jay Balunas Master

      Hi All,


      We are in the middle of reviewing the remaining jiras for 4.0.  We have created a new temporary release in jira called "Post_4.F".  This release is going to be used to track jira's that we are shifting out of scope for the 4.0.0.Final release.


      As we review jira's we will place in either CR1, CR2, Final for issues we need addressed.  Items in Future_4.X will be considered un-reviewed, and items shifted to Post_4.F will obviously be for future, post 4.0.0.Final releases.


      We have creating a prioritization plan to help make the review easier.  These are represented in jira as specific components.


      1. base functionality
      2. bug
      3. architectural
      4. optimization
      5. build ( distribution )
      6. showcase ( example )
      7. archetype
      8. example
      9. migration
      10. localization
      11. accessibility
      12. portal
      13. cdk ( non critical )
      14. feature request
      15. legacy
      16. tests - unit



      • Doc issues move to RFPL
      • QE specific issues move to RFPL