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    Problem with SOAPProxy

    Pavel Drozd Newbie



      I have defined ESB Service, which stores input message to DB, calls Web service through SOAP action and stores output message to DB.


      When I remove the WS call (the service only store two messages to the database), I can reach 1200 transaction per second on one node.

      The whole service (with WS call) can reach only 480 TPS. Is it normal?



      The SOAP Proxy action processing time is only 20ms. Processing time of the store actions is about 40ms.

      The server with deployed WS allows 600 threads and it has about 60 busy threads.






      My ESB Service definition:


      <service category="CTA" name="GetKey" description="Get Key ESB service" invmScope="GLOBAL">
                   <property name="maxThreads" value="600" />
                      <http-gateway name="HTTP-GATEWAY">
                          <property name="maxThreads" value="600"/>                    
                  <actions mep="RequestResponse">


                      <action name="Audit-in" class="org.test.actions.AuditAction" >
                            <property name="classification" value="AGK_IN"/>
                      <action name="proxy"
                              <property name="wsdl" value=""/>
                              <property name="http-client-properties">
                                  <http-client-property name="max-total-connections" value="600"/>
                                  <http-client-property name="max-connections-per-host" value="600"/>
                              <property name="endpointUrl" value=""/>
                      <action name="Audit-out" class="org.test.actions.AuditAction" >
                            <property name="classification" value="AGK_OUT"/>