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    question to background-images

    Reinhard Schwegler Newbie

      Hello to all,

      I'm pretty experienced in using stylesheets and do like to use background-images for certain effects.

      Now we're trying to use richfaces for a short time - still experimental status -
      and I did not get 'my' background-images shown.

      Especially in a menu (rich:panelMenu) , where the component 'throws' a lot of tags with lots of classes. I know , there is a possibility of using a left or right column to place an icon (but it will always be streched to 16x16 px) , but in many cases , when you need special and pure styling , background-images are needed.

      - Is this in richfaces not possible?
      - Why do I see none of them?
      - Or is it simple a question of the path to the images? I had about this one: url(/images/common/iconxy.gif)

      Thanx for your attention. Would be nice to read some interesting answers.