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    Behaviour on Duplicate Detection during Message Move

    Clebert Suconic Master

      I'm facing an issue ATM where an user send two messages to QueueA and QueueB using the same _HQ_DUPL_ID:




      message.setStringProperty("_HQ_DUPL_ID", someDuplID);






      Later they execute a move from QueueB to QueueA.



      They expect the message to be simply ignored during the move, but there's some weird behaviour happening with DeliveringCounters.



      I wouldn't expect the same duplID to be set into two "distinct messages" like this. It's a very weird use-case. And I'm not sure how we should do this:


      I can think of two possibilities:


      - Have the message ignored during the move

      - Detect the duplicate between the queues, and keep the message at its original queue.



      Any thoughts?



      Justin Bertram: If you could create a JIRA for this please