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    How to set the default lock pool size in infinispan cache?

    Thiyagu V Newbie

      Hi Friends,


      In our project we have setup infinipan cache. Below are our xml configuration for locking



              useLockStriping = "true"           


      useLockStriping = "true" property is used to create the default lock pool.

      lockAcquisitionTimeout="10000" this is the maximum waiting time to get the lock from the pool before adding the entry in to cache.


      Actually this is the default configuration. This is working fine when the number of concurrency access to the cache is less than 10. If the concurrency exceeds then it's the following exception.


      org.infinispan.util.concurrent.TimeoutException” (Unable to acquire lock after [10 seconds] on key [178328] for requestor [Thread[http-,5,main]]! Lock held by [(another thread)]).


      then we increased the "lockAcquisitionTimeout" to 20 seconds. This is working upto 20 or 30 cuncurrency access. if it's exceeds than it's throwing the same exception.


      So we should know if there any way to increase the default lock pool size??


      Thanks in advance