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    Tomaž Majerhold Newbie

      I have this errorin a ENVER's when I'm using AuditReader:


      at org.hibernate.envers.query.impl.AbstractAuditQuery.getSingleResult(AbstractAuditQuery.java:105)
              at org.hibernate.envers.entities.mapper.relation.OneToOneNotOwningMapper.mapToEntityFromMap(OneToOneNotOwningMapper.java:74)
              at org.hibernate.envers.entities.mapper.MultiPropertyMapper.mapToEntityFromMap(MultiPropertyMapper.java:118)
              at org.hibernate.envers.entities.EntityInstantiator.createInstanceFromVersionsEntity(EntityInstantiator.java:93)



      and I can't figure it out what is wrong.


      In general when I'm using JBOSS pruducts I have notice that your logging is missing a basic staff, if you have exception in code you should logg for which entety or property of entety have a problem.


      So in logging what I should like to see:


      who - optional

      when - required

      what was going wrong - (required, and not just a stack trace)

      for wich component something is going wrong - (required)


      especially when the log level is TRACE