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    JBOSS AS 5.1.0.GA and Hornetq 2.1.2-Final JCA Question.

    Gurvinderpal Narula Newbie



      I've just completed setting up a new instance of JBOSS AS 5.1.0.GA with HornetQ 2.1.2-Final.


      I have a question regarding setting up the JCA resource adapter for Hornetq. The User guide (on Page 126 Section 32.4 - Configuring the JCA Adaptor) states that :


      The HornetQ JCA adapter is deployed via the jms-ra.rar archive. The             configuration of the adapter is found in this archive under META-INF/ra.xml.


      I'm not sure I understand what it means. Does that mean that when we run the integration process, that the default jms-ra.ra is replaced by a version suitable for HornetQ ? If not, can someone please help me understand what steps are need to build a new jms-ra.rar for HornetQ ?


      Sorry if this is a newbie questions, but basically what I would like to do is send a message from a EJB (deployed in the same instance of JBOSS that's hosting a HornetQ queue) and I want to make sure that I use the right resource adapater when opening a connection to HornetQ. The manual states that :


      'The Java Connector Architecture (JCA) Adapter is what allows HornetQ to be integrated with JEE components such
      as MDBs and EJBs.'.


      I just want to make sure I use the right JCA Adapters (if I need to) when connecting to HornetQ. The example MDB does not use any special adapter to create a new connection factory. It just has one reference to the hornetq-ra.rar for the class the implements the MDB. If need to do the same from an EJB, should I use hornetq-ra.rar as the resource adapater or should I use jms-ra.rar ?


      Please clarify.