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    Switchboard in AS 6

    Nicklas Karlsson Master

      An "out of curiosity question".


      In which version will the Switchboard be integrated into AS 6? The current trunk (with SB) is headed toward 6.0.1 but I notice that JBAS-8548 (SB integration) is open for 6.0.0. I thought 6.0.0 was released from the CRx branch which didn't have any SB-integration(?)

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          jaikiran pai Master

          It's completed in 6.0 Final. There's one minor piece which was remaining (i.e. a PersistenceContext resource provider), but we decided to move it out given our goals for 6.0 Final. The only reason why those JIRAs are open is to keep track of this final piece of resource provider. Other than that the entire switchboard mechanism has been working in 6.0 Final.