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    Guidance needed: Stand-alone JTS 4.6.1 + JBoss AS 5.1.0 cluster + Apache OFBiz

    Aleksey Fedorchenko Newbie

      Dear Community,


      We're developing an application that was originally hosted in a single node of JBoss AS 4.0.5 but with the time we've realized a need to be truly scaleable and implement a clustered environment. Basically, we're going to distribute different services across cluster nodes (SOA-like) and integrate Apache OFBiz (our web trading platform) in the similar transactional environment. Our idea was to setup a following network of server machines:

      1. JTS@Server1, stand-alone configuration
      2. JBossAS@Server2, node 1 in JBossAS Cluster, uses JTS@Server1 as a transaction coordinator
      3. JBossAS@Server3, node 2 in JBossAS Cluster, uses JTS@Server1 as a transaction coordinator
      4. OFBiz@Server4, uses JTS@Server1 as a transaction coordinator

      All this JBossAS clustered staff invoked by an Apache Tomcat hosted elsewhere.


      That's the idea what we are going to setup. Let me repeat that we're going to use JBoss AS 5.1.0 in conjunction with stand-alone JTS 4.6.1.


      The problem is that we have not found any clear guidance on how to setup this configuration.


      Questions are:

      1. How to setup JTS in a stand-alone configuration at given host and port?
      2. How to tell JBossAS (preintegrated with the JTS Transaction Manager implementation) that actual transaction manager / coordinator was installed elsewhere (different host and port)?
      3. Is there any known OFBiz-to-JTS integration solution? As for now, we're going to resemble its OFBiz-to-Geronimo integration and code similar solution.