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    jBPM -> ESBNotifier failed..

    Gary Pinkham Newbie

      I'm trying to use jBPM to call a service that's running in the ESB..  I want to use the ESBNotifier class and I'm having a bit of trouble getting it to work.    I am trying to run it from within jUnit (might be part of my problem) but I also deployed it to the ESB AS and it fails there as well..


      So the exception is a null pointer trying to to create the registry connection..  I downloaded the source and fired up the eclipse debugger and narrowed it down to line 126:ConnectionFactory factory = ConnectionFactory.newInstance(); of the JAXRConnectionFactory class.. it throws: "javax.xml.registry.JAXRException: Failed to create instance of: null"     


      I'm quite certain I have my configurations wrong.. Just not really sure what they should be..  Maybe I missed this in the docs (should I read the services guide? programmers guide? etc..).    Anyways..   First question is..   If all i have is jBPM project.. What files do I need to integrate with the ESB?  juddi.properties?   jbossesb.proerties?  etc.  I see in the quickstarts they have a ton of files.. but the quickstart is ESB services and jBPM.. I only have the jBPM in the project.. the ESB services are separate..     


      I have tried to include the JBossesb-properties.xml file..   with Scouts RMI transport, SOAP transport and even the Local transport as shown in the quickstart..  All fail..   Would really like to get this working using the ESB Notifier..  I had this working using a custom action and sending a message to the JMS queue...   But that feels wrong.. :-) 


      I can include whatever files/settings etc needed to help answer (just don't know which to include yet)




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          Gary Pinkham Newbie

          Ok so I got this working.. at least I got it working for JUnit.. the process executes and it calls the service running in the ESB with the ESBNotifier action..   I needed a couple of things..   First I needed to set the "javax.xml.registry.ConnectionFactoryClass" system property in my unit test and I needed the uddi.xml file in the Meta-inf directory..  I hadn't noticed this in the quickstarts as it was in an upper directory and not in the quickstart itself.. 


          But when I deploy it to the running server and try to walk through it on the console it still fails at the ESBNotifier node..    Again I'm assuming I'm missing something in the configuration..     I have included the uddi.xml, jbossesb-properties.xml and the jndi.properties files in the PAR that I deployed.. And also set the system property for the connection factory (not sure I needed that one)..    Am I missing something else?  Also anyone know the proper setting to enable some more debug logging for scout and the jbpm to esb connectivity?  



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            Gary Pinkham Newbie

            apparently one can't trigger the signal in the jBPM console when using ESBNotifier..  I seem to recall reading this somewhere a while ago..    I triggered the process from another process (JMS message) and the process now runs to completion..   


            Hope this helps those that follow..



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