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    a4j support action not getting call

    panky_p Novice



      I have some problem with the ajax calls when page is kept idle for around 2 to 5 mins.


      Basically  the problem is on a4j:support, the actions on it are not fired if page is kept idle for some duration say around 5 mins.

      even though bean is in session scope.

      I am using RF 3.3.1 GA



      <rich:inplaceInput layout="block" value="#{newRecord.recordValue}" selectOnEdit="true" editEvent="ondblclick">
          <a4j:support event="onviewactivated" actionListener="#{myBean.newEntry()}"
            reRender="innerTable" oncomplete="hideInfo({duration:5.0})"  eventsQueue="records" ajaxSingle="true"/>