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    Best practices for applying external CSS

    Bruno Teixeira Newbie



      I've got some external CSS files that we want to put into GateIn in order to give the portal an appearence similar to our other sites.

      I'm creating a new skin in a war file. But I'm wondering what is the best way to do this, since the external CSS files style specific classes that GateIn does not generate. So I'm wondering if I should:


      1) Change the CSS files to style the classes generated by GateIn as closely as possible

      2) Alter the html generated by GateIn, changing the .gtmpl templates


      I started with the first one, but it would really not be desirable to change the already available CSS files. So I think I'll start with the second, but I'm wondering if that is the right way to do it =\ I looked around and found no one talking about modifying the .gtmpl files. What do you think?