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    a4j:command button: backing bean property not updated in modalpanel #2

    Wilhelm FY Newbie

      Hi again,


      Sorry for double post, but I can't answer post in th thread I created (http://community.jboss.org/thread/160487), all the editor is missing when I tried to click "answer", but only on this thread... I don't understand.


      so, as said in the other post, my backing bean update when I submit the form. On Ilya's advice, I moved "newbtn into" the form above. I also removed the a4j:region, and switched to h:form. Nothing new: ${MainBean.selectedUser} is not updated with values from form "editCreateUserForm"


      Methods setInsertMode and setInitMode are called, and variable MainBean.editMode is set properly.


      Thanks for any help !