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    Richfaces Architecture doubts

    Bruno Arruda Newbie


      I've using Richfaces for some years now and have been following this project since its born on a4j on exadell. I have no doubt on its quality and its support cause I've depended on it severall times and was very happy at the end. The problem is that I'm working on a huge company and people are about to choose a component library to use with JSF with ajax enabled. I've been reading the RIchfaces documentation to try to understand a little more about its internal architecture, but there're some things I cannot place together, they are:

      1- I know Richfaces does not use the Direct-to-DOM model, does it use which model? I know the filter functions, but how it compares to the Direct-to-DOM model in terms of pros and cons.

      2-Which model is more aligned with the JSF 2.0 specification?

      Those are questions I am not able to answer yet, and it is really important to me so I can stand for RIchfaces on the discussion.

      Thanks very much for your time.

      Best Regards,

      Bruno Arruda