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    param problem using rich:fileUpload

    Daniele Bonadiman Newbie

        i need to add a filter on a page that contains a file upload using ?id=something in the url, the problem is that rich:fileUpload does some internal redirect and i sometimes i cant add f:param or similar. i have alse tried to add allowflash -> true at rich: fileUpload but a redirect there is allways.


      my situation is that i have a db where i upload the file and if there isn't the param on the uri the listener insert to the db a row with fk null that isn't allow so i have to filter that also because a user can't add files to a group(the fk cited up) if it isn't the administrator.


      anyone can help?




      (i'm not able to insert code if someone can explain me via pm how to do i can re-edit this message, thx)