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    LDAP and DataSource

    gvnsbt Newbie

      I have configured my application on JBoss 5.01 with openldap for authentication and authorization.

      The Jboss works fine and I can set authorization and authentication for servlets and EJB.

      I would to access from my application to openldap server, but  I do not know if this is possible.

      If I try to configure the datasource I need of jdbc ldap-brige driver. In the openlap site but  the jdbc-ldap project is very old (project is dead?).


      The question is:

      Is possible to access to ldap server from my application?

      How the user can change password from my application ?

      LDAP server implements the features about expire account, time to access, etc. how can I to access this information from my application?


      Kind Regards.