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    Session Timeout

    Thomas Chacko Newbie

      hiii..... how can I implement Session Timeout on deploying my application in GateIn ??????? If session has timed out, the user should be redirected to login page...

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          Soren Schmidt Newbie

          Hi Thomas,

          The session timeout is already implemented, normally 30 minutes, you can change this value in the tomcat/webapps/portal/conf/web.xml (tomcat) or

          ...\deploy\gatein.ear\02portal.war\WEB-INF\web.xml (jboss).

          The default value is 30 minutes, otherwise you may change it:



          After session timeout the user is asked (in a popup) if he wishes to proceed to a login pages and if he says "ok" he will be proceeded.

          Do you need anything different?