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    cacheEntryModifiedEvent isPre (false) problem

    Jonathan Morgan Newbie



      I have a replicated inmem cache and I'm trying to call a method when a value is updated in the cache, however, I only get null values. The problem is illustrated with this code:



              public void cacheEntryModified(final CacheEntryModifiedEvent e) {

                  System.out.println("Mod a entry to cache... pre = " + e.isPre() + " local = " + e.isOriginLocal() + " key = " +                                 e.getKey().toString());

                  if (!e.isPre()) {

                      Cache c = e.getCache();


                      showCurrentValue(e, c);

                      System.out.println("mod value(2) = "+e.getValue());

                      showCurrentValue(e, c);




              private void showCurrentValue(final CacheEntryModifiedEvent e, Cache c) {

                  Object o = c.get(e.getKey().toString());

                  if (o != null)

                      System.out.println("mod value = " + o.toString());


                      System.out.println("mod value = NULL");




      When the key "hello" is updated to value "www" I get this output:


      Mod a entry to cache... pre = false local = true key = hello


      mod value = NULL

      mod value(2) = www

      mod value = NULL


      Now, that's all well and good, I can get the new value by calling "e.getValue()" - but I was expecting, since this is a post event, to be able to get the value by querying the cache. As a "post modification" event, shouldn't that be the case?