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    Is it possible to create Topics/Queues without JNDI

    Miroslav Pokorny Newbie

      I would like to use the JMSServerManagerImpl wrapper primarily because i want topics and also needs queues. My understanding is underneath HornetQ itself does not differentiate between the two but the layer provided by JMSServerManagerImpl somewhere does the topic thing of sending any message to topic to the multiple recepients who are interested. My problem is that JMSServerManageImpl seems to create a jndi context when it starts and it would appear to be a lot of trouble to get it to work w/out jndi. I would really like to avoid jndi as i wish to make HornetQ self contained and jndi unfortunatley is a global thing.


      • Should i copy JMSServerManagerIMpl and its friends removing references to jndi
      • Use the core HornetQ api and deliver messages for a topic
      • Or ???