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    Upgrading a HornetQ instance in JBoss

    jim stafford Newbie

      I have a question about where hornetQ files are being placed within the JBoss 5 application server directories and how to best prepare for upgrading (and downgrading) installations in the future that are already running hornetQ and have local tweaks to configuration files.


      You are placing libHornetQAIO32.so and libHornetQAIO64.so at the ${jboss.server.home.dir} level and placing the rest of the libraries at the ${jboss.server.home.dir} level. Its there any reason they are not placed at the same level? i.e.,

         a) place the hornetq jars in ${jboss.server.home.dir}/common/lib -or-

         b) place the .so files in ${jboss.server.home.dir}/META-INF/lib and add that to LD_LIBRARY_PATH so that this directory can be picked up from a custom location.


      Option (a) seems the easiest, but that ignores any version-specific tweaks that may have to be done at the ${jboss.server.home.dir} level

      Option (b) would allow our JBoss directory to stay vanilla and unchanged during hornetQ version changes.


      I would like to get to a state where we can easily run our end-to-end tests with the official release and periodic checks of the trunk without going back to square-1 (default -> default-with-hornetq -> application specific tweaks) each time we make a switch.