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    How to make my localhost available over my Windows local network

    Paulo Cohn Newbie

      Hi, I saw a similar posting on the forum, but since my problem is slightly different, I decided to open a new discussion.  I hope that´s ok.


      I am developing and deploying an application on a Windows 7 based machine and I can access it only through "localhost" or I cannot access it through the local IP address, i.e.  Needless to say, I cannot access jboss AS from any other computers in my network.


      Since I am still developing, I am using eclipse to launch the server and deploy the application.


      Could you please advise on how to configure jboss as to allow local and remote connections by means of IP address on Windows ?


      (I tried to execute "run.bat -b" from a command window as advised on the similar posting I mentioned above, but got the messages "Could not locate run.jar" and "Please check that you´re in the bin directory when running this script"... I was in the bin directory...)