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    Export/import of a JBoss server startup configuration

    Yann Albou Newbie



      I tried to export (File|Export...|Run/Debug|Launch Configurations|JBoss Application Server Startup Configuration|...) and then import (File|Import...|Run/Debug|Launch Configurations|...)  a JBoss server startup configuration but without success.


      The export seems to work (my file myLocalJBoss.launch is correclty generated) then when I do the import everything seems to work (no error) but nothing appears in the server views....


      Did I miss something ?




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          Max Rydahl Andersen Master

          the launch configuration is just the launch configuration - it does not correspond to a server+runtime configuration.


          For that right click on the server, right click, Properties and click "Switch Location" and you can choose to put it in a workspace file.


          Note, there might still be problems (since WTP Servers aren't really built for "sharing" in mind); but if you find some please open bugreports and we'll see if we can fix/help.