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    masking sucker password issue

    shivaraj mallalli Newbie

      HI experts,


      I am using jboss 5.01 GA .


      I just followed link to mask password http://server.dzone.com/articles/security-features-jboss-510-0 by Anil. I was able to create keystore no issues with that but however when i change the suckerpassword in messaging-jboss-beans.xml, we are also commenting out a line <annotation>@org.jboss.aop.microcontainer.aspects.jmx.JMX(name="jboss.messaging:service=SecurityStore",exposedInterface=org.jboss.jms.server.jbosssx.JBossASSecurityMetadataStoreMBean.class)</annotation>.  But the name "jboss.messaging:service=SecurityStore" is being used in the file messaging-service.xml as dependency <depends optional-attribute-name="SecurityStore"


      And its throwing a deployment error.


      Deployment "jboss.messaging:service=ServerPeer" is missing the following dependencies:
           Dependency "jboss.messaging:service=SecurityStore" (should be in  state "Create", but is actually in state "** NOT FOUND Depends on  'jboss.messaging:service=SecurityStore' **")


      Please help me out.