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    Jboss5.1 - JMS and Linux Heartbeat - server return the real IP and not the VIP

    Kobi Ianko Apprentice


      I've got an HA system, using linux HA (heartbeat).


      2 machines:

           node1 =

           node2 =


      and the Virtual IP (VIP) is


      because JBOSS5 uses hostname and not IP (like Jboss 4.0.5) I've add "-Djava.rmi.server.hostname= -Dremoting.bind_by_host=false" to the VM Params, for it to work with IPs


      when I access the server from the client I use my VIP, but the server returns to the client the real ip for remoting.


      using a sniffer I can see a packet from the server to the client:



      let me just point out the EJB call works fine, the problem is with JMS only.


      any of you know how to let Jboss 5.1 bind the UnifiedInvokerProxy to my VIP?

      is there any VM Params that I can add to my "run.sh ..." command ?


      10x, Kobi