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    dropDownMenu x Chrome7/8

    Edilmar Alves Expert



      I have a webapp JSF2 + RichFaces3.3.3 + GlassFish3.0.1.

      The dropDownMenu works fine at all jsf files using Firefox3.5/3.6/IE8/9.


      However, when I use Chrome7/8 and call any jsf file, all components work minus dropDownMenu.

      The webapp has a global dropDownMenu in a template. This menu appears at all jsf files, fixed

      in the top of the window, after the user logs in the system. The first time, after he logs in, menu

      works fine and I get to call any jsf file from menu. But, after first call, menu doesn't work anymore.


      Chrome arises this error message in Javascript console:


      1. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'component' of null
        1. (anonymous function)login.jsf:1


      Attached files: filCidadeFil.xhtml (a sample jsf file), menu.xhtml (template for filCidadeFil.xhtml), templateMenu (template for menu.xhtml).