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    HornetQ XA Recovery configuration in JBoss AS 6

    r.reimann Newbie

      Are there any current informations and/or examples on how to configure XA recovery for HornetQ inside JBoss AS 6?

      The HornetQ documentation (http://hornetq.sourceforge.net/docs/hornetq-2.1.2.Final/user-manual/en/html/appserver-integration.html#xa-recovery) linked on JBossApplicationServerOfficialDocumentationPage is not AS6 compatible since it refers to

      conf/jbossts-properties.xml which doesn't exist in JBoss AS 6.0.0.Final.

      Since the issue https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBAS-8105 "Integrate HornetQ XA Recovery into jbossts out of the box." is still unresolved i assume that manual XA configuration is still required.


      To clarify my question - what i would like to know is how to perform the folowing configuration steps described in the HornetQ documentation for AS5...


      The following property must be added to the jta section of conf/jbossts-properties.xml of JBoss AS profiles:


      <properties depends="arjuna" name="jta">



         <property name="com.arjuna.ats.jta.recovery.XAResourceRecovery.HornetQ1"

                      value="org.hornetq.jms.server.recovery.HornetQXAResourceRecovery;[connection configuration]"/>



      ... inside the current JBoss AS 6 since the configuration file jbossts-properties.xml mentioned above doesn't exist in AS6.


      Any help would be appreciated.