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    Benefits of Jboss6 for legacy apps?

    milspec Newbie

      Hi all,


      Could someone list the  benefits of JbossAS 6 for legacy apps, i.e. ones that will not undergo JavaEE 6 changes in the near future?


      Better? Stronger? Faster? Could someone provide specifics.


      We're running jboss 4.2 for an application under maintenance. (i.e. no major rewrites coming soon). Generally we don't like to be more than one version behind (i..e  "upgrade from Oracle 9 now that Oracle released 11g") so we're  looking to switch to jboss 6.


      Our only pain point with Jboss 4.2 is JMS: JBossAS on the whole runs great , but it's the most likely subsystem to "go down" --i.e. the weakest link. Is JMS more stable?


      fwiw, I got our J2EE app up and running with after a dozen several tweaks (classloading and duplicate jars, refs to invalid dtds, removed xerces*.jar from the app library, etc)


      Thanks in advance