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    Impact of 'Map access not implemented'?


      Using Riftsaw 2.2.0.CR2 I get a warning 'Map access not implemented' reported with each <invoke> operation. This also occurs with the simple_invoke quickstart sample. I see this warning in numerous log traces in Jira, but have not found an explanation for the issue.


      My questions are:

      1 - What is the underlying cause of the warning?

      2 - Is there a work around (other than to mask the trace message)?

      3 - If I mask the trace message, by filtering out WARN for EndpointReferenceContextImpl, do I risk losing any serious warnings?


      Thanks for your help

      - Will Darby

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          Hi Will,


          In Apache ODE, the EndpointReference implementors support to transform the EPR to Map format, so that the endpoint configurations can be retrieved easily in the runtime. Remembered that these endpoint configurations are axis2 specific.


          In JBoss RiftSaw, we use the JBoss WS as web service integration layer, we don't support all of endpoint configurations, while we do support the TimeOut configuration property for example. we used a different approach here. Also in RiftSaw, we had a class 'org.jboss.soa.bpel.runtime.ws.ClientEndpointReference' that implements the EndpointReference, but doesn't support the toMap() method for transforming EPR format to the Map format. Thats the reason you see that warning.


          In short to answer your questions in order.

          1. I think it is just a mark to say that the ClientEndpointReference didn't support the toMap() method yet, doesn't have any underlying issue.

          2. The workaround is that you can safely ignore it.

          3. I don't think you have any risk here, we will consider to lower this warning to Trace or other more lower level in the future release.




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            Hey, i thought i will be showing the console log to my partners when showing the web services...

            That's why I would really like to get rid of the the warning: 

            WARN  [org.jboss.soa.bpel.runtime.engine.ode.EndpointReferenceContextImpl]

            (ODEServer-3) Map access not implemented


            I looked at http://java.dzone.com/articles/configuring-logging-jboss.

            After reading that i would assume that in my jboss-log4j.xml must be a category with the name org.jboss.soa.*

            or something like that which makes the WARNING appear on the console. But i didn't find it ...



            Than I thought what about logging this to another file...

            I added the appender <appender name="MYFILE"> and the category


                <category name="org.jboss.soa.bpel.runtime.engine.ode.EndpointReferenceContextImpl">

                 <priority value="INFO"/>  

                 <appender-ref ref="KKISSFILE" /> 



            I hoped that  the warning wouldn't be taken by other appenders but just by my KKISSFILE appender... 

            but...  the result is i have now the warning written to the console and to my specified myfile.log...


            BR, Igor!

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              Hi Igor


              This doesn't answer your question - but just to check, which version are you using? As 2.2.0.Final now logs this message as debug instead of warning.




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                I forgot to post... I'm using Riftsaw 2.1 and it logs as a warning like posted above ...

                You said Riftsaw 2.2 log it as a DEBUG...


                But where is the property which tells jboss to log it ???   (if not in the jboss-log4j.xml)


                I just want JBoss not to log this warning/debug at all... or better say... not log org.jboss.soa.bpel.runtime.engine.ode.EndpointReferenceContextImpl ...

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                  Have you seen the info here: http://docs.jboss.org/process-guide/en/html/logging.html


                  Possibly it will help.