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    selected value for <h:selectBooleanCheckbox/>

    amarshi mohanty Newbie

      hi All,

      <h:selectBooleanCheckbox id="t1" value="#{link.selected}" onclick="callMe('t1')">


      The above code is inside a scrollabledatatable , and on select/deselect of the checkbox i want to verify in the javascript callMe() , if its true/false.


      function callMe(idValue){

      if(#rich:clientId('t1').checked == true)
                                   alert("in true");
                                  alert("in false");



      i tried giving the if-condition with idValue, but same output comes.

      Is there any alernative way to detect in javascript side , whether any chcekbox in a column is checked/not.because based on any checkboz checked , i need to enable/disable a delete button, outside teh scrollabe data table.