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    David Escandell Newbie

      I am working with the deployment.xml and am having issues finding documentation specifying what goes in there and what it does.


      My file essentially looks like the following...


      <?xml version="1.0"?>

      <?xml version="1.0"?>



         <queue name="famc_imaging_request_completed_GW">

                <entry name="queue/famc_imaging_request_completed_GW"/>




      in this file, does the <queue> element actually cause the queue to be created?  Or does it declare a dependency on that queue, waiting to continue esb deployment until it is created?


      I have tried adding a <depends> element for each queue, but I only get UNRESOLVED Demands errors in my logs.

      e.g. <depends>destination:service=Queue,name=famc_imaging_small_to_png_conversion_out</depends>


      Is there some definitive documentation for this file and how it should be used?  That would likely help me on my way.



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          Keith Babo Master

          Which version of JBoss ESB are you using?


          The queues referenced in deployment.xml serve only as dependencies for your deployment.  You will need to deploy the queue via a separate descriptor.  Check out the helloworld Quickstart for an example of what this looks like.


          I'm not aware of a definitive document on the subject, but between our quickstarts and the following two links you should get an idea of how it comes together.


          Getting Started Guide

          Forum Reference