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    EJB over HTTPS with HA

    Aaron Shettleroe Newbie

      I found the article EJB3 over HTTP/HTTPS in JBossAS-5 useful and it helped me setup EJB3 over HTTPS.  However, I want to take this further.  I'm trying to get this to work with the "all" server configuration or HA (High Availablility), clustered server.  I'm not sure how the steps in the article above would differ in this setup.  I see that the JNDI properties on the remote client should use: https://localhost:28544/invoker/HAJNDIFactory instead of JNDIFactory.  But what is next?  Do I still need to create the servlet-invoker-service.xml and the servlet-invoker.war folder in the deploy directory?  How would the configuration differ to support HA?