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    RHQ scheduler instance problem

    Tarun .. Newbie

      Hello All,


      I am running rhq server and agent on Linux box(ubuntu) . I have the server and agent running, but for some reason one checking the browser and dashboard , it shows me the server is down.

      I have checked everything , the server-properties files is correct, and the done a clean config on agent as well.


      On checking the log file of server i see these errors :

      WARN  [org.quartz.impl.jdbcjobstore.JobStoreCMT] This scheduler instance (rapid1521294190728190) is still active but was recovered by another instance in the cluster.  This may cause inconsistent behavior


      I'm not able to figure out how to solve this problem.


      Your help will be much appreciated.





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          Heiko Rupp Master


          I recall that you had issues installing before - I guess those have been solved?

          Could the scheduler issue be fallout from the failed install, where some data had been written

          to the DB, but perhaps not fully?


          Are you running a single server or multiple?


          I understand your first paragraph that the server is up and you can log into the UI, but in it the RHQ server shows as unavailable?

          Did you check that the page view interval is set to e.g. last X units and not to a fixed value some time in the past?


          Just guessing