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    Modal Panel Styling

    airon Newbie



      I have recently started working with the Modal Panel & I am really struggling with the styling of the component. For one of my modal panel I want to have no border, no bg color, no shadow...just the bare minimum modal panel. I need these style for only modal panel, not for the entire application.


      It seems like that it shouldn't be too hard but I can't figure it out.


      This is what I have tried till now:


      <rich:modalPanel id="panel" styleClass="modalStyle">


      and modalStyle is defined as


      .modalStyle {
                      border: none!important;


      I have even tried this also


      .modalStyle.rich-mpnl-body {
                      background: blue;
                      border: none!important;


      but it only changes the color. I am really struck with the border part.


      RichFaces version : 3.3.1.GA


      Any help is appreciated.