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    Lightbox component

    blabno Master

      Hello community!

      I've just created lightbox component. It is based on popular jQuery lightbox plugin (http://leandrovieira.com/projects/jquery/lightbox/). If you know better implementations of this cool plugin, please let me know and I may replace current implementation with it.

      Currently it is available for RF 3.3.4-SNAPSHOT but I can migrate it on community demand.


      Demo, download and subversion address are here.


      Make sure to use default script and style loading strategies.

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          Anil Jacob Newbie

          I am getting an error in FB saying 'RichFaces.Lightbox is not a function'.  here is my code. Any help is greatly appreciated.






                              <div id="gallery">           

                              <rich:scrollableDataTable rowKeyVar="rkv" height="400px"

                                  width="200px" id="imageList" rows="20" rowClasses="row"

                                  value="#{dataTableScrollerBean.allCars}" var="category"  border="0"



                                  <rich:column id="thumbnail" >

                                          <a href="/richfaces/jQuery/images/1.jpg">

                                              <h:graphicImage value="/richfaces/jQuery/images/1s.jpg"/>






                             <lightbox:lightbox id="lightbox" selector="#gallery a" containerBorderSize="10"

                                 containerResizeSpeed="400" keyToClose="c"

                                 keyToNext="n" keyToPrev="p"


                                 overlayOpacity="0.8" txtImage="Image" txtOf="of"







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            blabno Master

            Change your script loading strategy to DEFAULT.

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              Anil Jacob Newbie

              Thanks Bernard, I changed the loading strategy to DEFAULT and now all the js is getting loaded. But for some reason the images are not getting loaded when I click a thumbnail. The back ground just turs balck and the image loading icon is shown. Is there a war file for your demo application of lightbox?




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                Anil Jacob Newbie

                Thank you!

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                  daniel carpio contreras Newbie

                  Hi. I'm currently working with RichFaces 4.0.0 and I would like to use lightbox component. I think it's a very usefull component for displaying images instead of using a dataGrid (like i do ).

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                    blabno Master

                    I'll have it moved to 4.x tomorrow.

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                      blabno Master

                      Component migrated to 4.x. See this document.