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    EJB conflicts during deployment

    vinod kakkanat Newbie


      We are porting applications from WAS4 to JBoss 4.3.

      We are facing issues when we deploy the EARs on the Server. We are using the default profile of JBoss.


      We have 2 applications Order and OrderManagement.
      These applications have the following common EJBs with the exact same code
      - AvlEjb
      - AIMEJB
      - AvlHandleEjb


      Can you give us a strategy where these EJBs do not conflict with each other when we deploy both the Application EARs.
      Can the EJBs be isolated from each other ?


      When we deploy an EAR, does it create a boundary within which all the JARs and EJBs are running.
      If this is the scenario, the deployment of the same EJBs from a different application would not affect each other as they are running within different EAR boundaries.


      Thank you in advance