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    JBoss ESB messages body object type?

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      I'm currently evaluating JBoss ESB.


      I'm having a problem regarding message type..


      I have a first branch of my flow that reads a XML text message from JMS queue and then transforms it using XML. After that I display it using "println" actionand see my XML target message as expected.


      I have another branch of my flow that reads unstructured content from flat file. Then I try to tranform this content into the same target structure XML format using a custom JAVA class. This cutom class retunrs a "org.dom4j.dom.DOMDocument" representing. But when I try to display this message using "pintln" action this the output I get:

      [org.dom4j.dom.DOMDocument@19b9e68 [Document: name pivotEmployee]].


      I guess "println" action is only acting over "String" message body and "JMs" connector is returning String object when consuming messages in a queue that's why it worked as wanted in the first branch of my flow but not in the second.


      I wanted to know under which kind of format I should manipulate messages inside the bus? Which one is the most performant, which one can be handled by the bus?


      For example as for "println" action, I've not been abble to insert messages form my second branch (DOMDocument) into SQL table using SQLNotifier. But with String objects of my first branch it worked;


      Should I only consider String objects when manipulating message body in custom Java?


      Thanks in advance for your responses.


      Kind regards,