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    assign activity unusable via jBPM Eclipse Tools?

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      hope this is the right place to adress my issue...I'm new here so feel free to move it to a place probably more suitable...


      i've encountered some trouble using the "assign" activity nodes as described in


      with the Eclipse jBPM 4 Graphical Edtior and Tools.


      Versions are:

      jBPM 4 Graphical Editor and Tools    4.0.0.v201007071649-795-8s73533H3H5FBL

      Eclipse Platform Version: 3.5.1.R35x_v20090910-9gEeG1_FthkNDSP2odXdThaOu9GFDPn83DGB7


      I can get used to the fact, that it is not possible to create "assign" activitiy nodes within the graphical editor.


      So when I add the following line (as described in the development guide):


      <assign name='copy' from-var='person' to-var='clone'> 



      the assign node is not displayed in the graphical editor.


      Even worse:


      When I add a transition to any node in my process graph in the source sheet like:

           <transition to="copy"/>

      this transition is removed whenever I switch to graphical view and back.


      So the visual editor destroys an otherwise valid process. Tried to add "g"-attribute to the assign-tag already.

      But didn't change. Note was not displayed and the transition to the "invisble" node was removed from the xml.


      If foreach nodes and transitions to them are added everyhting works fine.


      Searched this forum and the rest of the web already, but haven't found anything regarding my problem.


      What am I doing wrong?

      Will the visual web editor be able to deal with assign-nodes?


      Is the solution to abandon the usage of the graphical editor entirely and just edited plain XML?


      Thanks for any suggestions.