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    M5 and validation-api

    Dominique Galland Newbie

      I try a working regular jsf2.0 application with Richfaces (Tomcat and JSF 2.0.3)

      Actually the readme.txt says:

      1.8)  validation-api.jar - if it's not present in application classpath (already included into Java EE 6 servers)   


      1. If I dont put the validation-api.jar in WEB-INF/lib the application works well (it was not the case with

      2. If I put the validation-api.jar inputText tags doesnt work (silently without messages or Exception)

      3. I I put validation-api.jar and an implementation (hibernate-validator) the application works well


      May be shoud that be clarified before the release.

      Note that after many investigations I cant solve my problem with panelMenu http://community.jboss.org/message/579136#579136

      Best regards

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          Nick Belaevski Master

          Hi Dominique,


          We've fixed the problem and validation-api is not required. Please try with the latest tagged M5.

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            Dominique Galland Newbie

            Thanks for your response,


            Yes I noticed that with validation-api is not required, but my warning was that if by inattention you put the validation-api without an implementation any input doesnt work silently without messages or Exceptions. May be a little confusing and dangerous ? Probably you should have an Exception something as "couldnt find a default provider". Dont forget also to remove the dependency validation-api.jar in the readme.txt.


            For my other problem, i looked in the preliminary documentation and I could not see if a panelMenuItem can have an action or not !


            I dont see any news in M5 or later for the rich:columns component, its a very useful component. I know that in many cases you could use c:forEach but its not very convenient and sometime you have strange problems with jstl tag that arent not real components.


            Good luck for your release.

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              Dominique Galland Newbie

              It works now with the released M5, if you put validation-api without an implementation you have the Exception "Unable to find a default provider"