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    Using Modeshape with Eclipse

    sboyla01 Newbie



      I am currently considering using Modeshape in conjunction with an Eclipse RCP application to manage files from Filesystems on different servers and possible directly from different configuration management repository.


      I would be very interested to know has anyone used ModeShape as part of an Eclipse RCP application?

      What is the relationship between ModeShape (JCR) and the Eclipse team API? Has anyone integrated the two?




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          Randall Hauch Master

          A ModeShape JcrEngine can definitely be embedded within an Eclipse plugin, though I do not know of anyone doing this yet. The ModeShape JARs are OSGi bundles, so IIUC they should be able to be plopped directly into the Eclipse plugin directory and used by your Eclipse plugins.


          I also don't know of anyone working on an Eclipse Team provider for ModeShape (or JCR). Offhand, I'm not really sure how well the Eclipse Team mechanism would map to the JCR versioning API. But it's probably worth some thought.


          Hope this helps! Best regards,