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    should we switch to GateIn

    jay ZHAO Newbie

      What are the main advantages to switch to GateIn? Will the code we have in JBoss Portal work in GateIn?  I only see 2 documents about GateIn, is that all they have for GateIn? 

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          Prabhat Jha Master

          As far as whether your existing code will be able to work depends on if your portlets are standard JSR-168 or JSR-286 portlets? If they are then you should work without any problem. But if they are using any JBoss Portal specific code, then you would obviously have to do some modifications.


          Yes, you definitely should switch to GateIn for the simple reason that JBoss Portal is not going through any further development. There should be a reference guide and user guide. What else do you need?

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            jay ZHAO Newbie

            Thanks! I guess some tutorials would be helpful if they have.  But featurewise, Jboss Portal and GateIn are the same or not?