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    Ajax request time out

    Ravi kiran Kuchika Newbie



         Am using a commandlink and onclick of that am doing some processing which is taking some time(appro.4mins). Onclick of the link am opening a modal panel to show the user a processing image.  oncomplete am closing that modalpanel.


      The problem is after completing the action the components are rerendering but the modalpanel never closes . I tried to call a javasript alert in oncomplete, this alert is also not coming. Any reasons for this behaviour?


      Is there any timeout for this Ajax request.If so where I need to change it?



      code snippet:


      <a4j:commandLink id="commandLinkPlus"
            onclick="Richfaces.showModalPanel('ajaxLoadingModalBox',{width:300, top:250});"




      Ravi Kuchika