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    Unable to open connection to the JMS provider

    Tim Blakeley Newbie



      I support a JBOSS application running on SLES9, the system has been running in production for 5 years.


      Nine months ago, JBOSS failed with the above error, nothing had been changed. I eventually found the problem was that the server had been powered off causing JBOSS crash. I was able to fix the problem by taking the following steps:


      Went to the:  /usr/share/jboss/server/application/data/hypersonic Directory


      Deleted all the files except: localDB.script


      Started JBOSS and everything worked fine!


      It happened again on 30th December, and I followed the same steps however this time it didn't work!.


      I am at a loss as nothing has been changed, I believe the server may well have crashed again but the client is not telling me, and I don't have remote access at present.



      Thanks in advance...