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    Embedded HornetQ JUL problems

    Dömötör Gyimesi Newbie

      Hello there.


      does anyone know how to redirect an embedded (JBoss 4.2.3) Hornetq's startup logger?

      What I already did is to set <log-delegate-factory-class-name>, but I still get three error messages on every start.

      Here is the output: http://pastebin.com/mj0cEQqK


      My problem is that since we use SMTP appender to get notifications about exceptions, every server start triggers three emails because of JUL infos and warnings get redirected to stderr (as far as I know, since log4j displays it on ERROR level).


      So the question is how can I redirect HornetQ's logs to log4j from the very beginning.

      Thank you!