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    Generated WSDL has too many namespaces/imports.

    Scale It Newbie

      When I deploy a jaxws annotated web service on jboss 4.3ga the autogenerated wsdl contains many unused namespaces and imports.


      The web methods input objects have been generated using jaxb from a catalog of XSD files.



                public void dosomething(DTO dto);


      So in the case above "dto" originate from the xsd catalog and has jaxb annotations. The reference to this object seems to draw in all objects from the xsd catalog even though the java class does not depend on them. The xsd catalog is built as a hierarchy so "dto" extends some root object. The only link I can see between the root object and the rest of the objects from the catalog is a jaxb @XmlSeeAlso annotation on the root object that lists all objects that extends this root object.


      How do I make jboss generate a WSDL that does not include all the unused objects from the catalog?