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    Override TinyMCE package

    Nicolas Gaudin Newbie

      Is it possible to override TinyMce shipped with RichFaces by new version by adding in project source a package like:


      with the new versions of the scripts..

      Will this work or not?

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          we made some changes in tinyMCE (initialization part and some other parts).. So just changing the scripts packages will break the component. B.t.w. issue on upgrading tiny scripts already scheduled.

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            Nicolas Gaudin Newbie


            Ok, thks for your answer.

            Btw also, I got feedback from TinyMce Forum on editor's height issue (minimum height (and width) set in tiny_mce_src to 100px).

            Would it be possible, as you already made some modification in the scripts that you remove this restriction on height.

            The changes are small ones..indeed it is only 4 lines to adapt in scripts.
            Just search in scripts (tine_mce.js and tiny_mce_src.js the value "100" ..)
            BUT attention : After several tests, a minimum value lower than about 30 will not allow vertical scrollbars

            It would be great that RichFaces enhances TinyMce allowing full cutomizable/resizable component.

            What is your opinion on this...
            Will it be possible to get this feature.

            Many thanks in advance

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              Ilya Shaikovsky Master

              You are not alone who ask to tune the tinyMCE functionality. But from the other side if we will fix the tiny issues - the process of tiny version updates will be hard and finally it will not be possible. So we decided to use tiny scripts as is and made only few changes in order to add skinning and initialize resource properly from RF jars. So this approach allows us to support newest version as them became released.