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    jBPM 5 GA schedule?

    byungwoojun Newbie

      I know jBPM 5 CR1 is available. Does anyone know the release schedule for jBPM 5 GA?




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          tomathome Newbie

          It is also very interresting for me. It will be enought to know, on which part of the 2011...

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            Kris Verlaenen Master

            To be honest, we're a little late already, we were hoping to get everything ready by the end of 2010 but had to push back a few weeks as we believe it is more important to get a few mayor improvements in (Oryx and Guvnor integration for example).  So it's a matter of weeks now, if all goes well the end of this month.



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              Pavel Sknar Newbie

              Oryx and Guvnor integration... What else?

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                Kris Verlaenen Master

                Integration with Guvnor as a process repository was one of features, which has already been added in the latest snapshot release.

                Integration with Oryx (and integration of Oryx into Guvnor) is currently still ongoing.  Once that is done, we should be ready to release.


                We might be able to sneak in a few additional features as well since we have a little bit of time left, but nothing mayor probably.



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                  new-comer Newbie

                  Can you be a little bit specific with Oryx integration? will you support IE as one of the browsers? I am really eager to know it cause I have kind of selected JBPM as our BPM engine and especially like the web designer, but unfortunately, it does not work in IE, and our product needs to supports IE. So any inside tips will help my decision.


                  Thanks in advance,

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                    Mauricio Salatino Master

                    Sounds like an Oryx problem and not jBPM5 problem.

                    Googling for Oryx in IE i found this thread that explains what browsers are supported by Oryx and which are the main problems in IE.


                    Best regards!

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                      Bernd Ruecker Master

                      Oryx / Signavio / jBPM 4 Modeler / Activiti Modeler all base on the same roots. All of them use SVG rendering in the browser for modeling, which does not work in IE. So basically IE is the only really not supported browser...

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                        new-comer Newbie

                        Thanks for all your replies, I am currently running google Chrome 8.0.552.237, but I am having problem to load the designer, it only works in Safari so far. With google Chrome, it shows the the designer, but with a message box saying "Intalio Process Designer Please wait while loading,..." then it stops there, and I could not use the designer.


                        I am going to try the Google Chrome Frame suggestion, but I am not sure if it will work if it does not work with google chrome.


                        BTW, I am using JBPM5 web designer.


                        Thanks again!

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                          new-comer Newbie



                          I was able to make the designer show up in IE 9 by using GCF, but the problem is that the Google Chrome itself is not working, DesingerInGoogleChrome.jpg

                          the message box blocks everything, so the designer is not usable.


                          Anybody can help me with this, I would really appreciated.



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                            new-comer Newbie

                            Hi Mauricio,


                            Thanks for the link you sent, it helped me forward a big step, now I was able to see the designer in IE (different versions). But the problem is that even in Google Chrome, I got the same message box, it does not go away, so basically I still cannot use the editor.


                            This is the only thing that stays on the way to convince my product manager to use JBPM as our business process engine. Can you please help me?



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                              Kris Verlaenen Master

                              Integration of the latest version of the designer is currently being worked on (https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBPM-3008), to solve the issues like the one mentioned here, make it work on multiple browsers, etc.  Please be a little patient while we finish this task, it should be ready soon, we'll let you know through the blog etc. when we believe everything should be updated and fully functional.


                              Once this is done, I suggest we should retry whether the approach as described here actually does work well.  Because the blocking message box is afaik a known issue with the current designer and probably has nothing to do with IE.



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                                new-comer Newbie

                                Hi Kris,


                                I know it has nothing to do with IE, because even I run the editor in Google Chrome, it shows the message box as well, but Safari works fine. I am looking forward to your GA release, hopefully it does not take too long, we will need it soon.


                                So far, I really like the web editor, I think it is the best web based business process designer.


                                Thanks for all your hard work and make it happen.

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                                  new-comer Newbie

                                  Hi Kris and Mauricio,


                                  Do you have an idea when you will release your GA release, we will need to do the integration soon with JBPM5, will really need to make it work in Google Chrome(so it will in IE for us). if you can just tell me how to fix the message box in Chrome, it will help me a lot.


                                  Thanks in advance,


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                                    dasfreutmich Newbie

                                    Hi Kris V,


                                    Its been close to 5 months since the last post on this problem. Are there any current updates on this ? Specially our organization is interested to know about the compatibility of jBPM Console,Guvnor and Oryx with various IE versions.


                                    It would be great if you can update us on this.



                                    Das Freut